You will be subsiziding my drinking habit, thank you.

People will want to talk to you, they're alway curious and want to know where to buy a beer view mirror themselves.

Beer is good for the enivronment, think green.

How about safety?

You can see behind you without turning completely around and compromising your fellow cyclists.

Is there a cop behind you when you accidentally run that stop light?

The unconscious drivers out there are more visible to you with a beer view mirror.

I like to drink beer and these beer view mirrors subsidize my drinking habit.  But, I already said that.

These mirrors are cool.

These beer view mirrors will make you faster.  Okay, I made that one up, or did I?
For Questions or Special Beer Cap Requests Please contact me at gabman98@yahoo.com
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The only BICYCLE MIRROR you'll be proud to wear!

This is the beer view mirror you've heard about and seen your fellow cyclists wearing. 

I'm happy to say I've made hundreds and hundreds of these terrific beer view mirrors right here in San Diego for happy cyclists all over the country.

Click on the
Gallery link to the left to see the caps I've got in stock.  Feel free to mail your own caps.  The best way to remove a cap without denting is to put a quarter on top of the cap then remove it with your opener.  If the cap you want isn't on the Gallery Page, email first before ordering please.

Whether or not you've used a mirror before, you'll find The Beer View Mirror to be much more than a typical bike mirror.  They're cool! 

These mirrors are made of highly scratch resistant optical quality acrylic that displays a clear, sharp image.  And,  unlike glass, is also shatter resistant.  And yes, they're American Made, San Diego to be exact.  I could be the guy riding next to you on the SDBC Saturday morning rides.

The housing, well, that's a beer cap.  But, you already knew that.  In fact, I use all recycled products except for the mirror (think green).  The caps are recycled caps and the wire is a wheel spoke, so it's sturdy.  The caps and spokes are cleaned before assembly.  So, it's good for the environment too!

The Beer View Mirror continues to get positive feedback because it's quality.   When you ride with this mirror, you're likely to hear "Cool mirror!"  And, "Where can I get one of those?"

This mirror has quite a following too, and is often recommended to friends.  Some entire groups and teams purchased them for the whole gang. 

Best regards and happy riding!